Client Information


All cancellations require 24 hours advance notice

Because of scheduling and drive time, please be courteous and give me a chance to fill your spot. If proper notice is not given, you will be responsible for the price of a full lesson.  

If your horse is lame or unrideable for any reason, full payment for your lesson is expected

It happens! Unfortunately, my time spent with each client is valuable and I must ask for payment for trip and time spent. 

Coaching at shows or schooling days is not the same as a lesson

Show and schooling days are busy! Not everyone will get a lot of one on one attention. Times often conflict and I will always do my best to be where I am needed, but things do happen. Please understand there are others that need my help, as well. I will be there to help warm up and offer advice, but the show is not a lesson.

Payment is expected when services are rendered

Please be respectful and pay on time. Payments accepted are: cash, check, PayPal and Zelle. Credit cards are not accepted at this time, but I'm happy to discuss this method at a later time. 

Please be on time

There are days where I drive over 100 miles providing services all over the north metro area. When one person is late, it can throw off the whole day. Please be tacked up and ready to go at your scheduled appointment time.

Proper Riding Attire

What do you need?

* An ASTM and SEI approved riding helmet. 

* Boots that cover your ankle and have a small heel

* Riding pants or leggings are preferable to jeans as jeans wrinkle around the knee and may create a rub